Cybercriminal Convicted on Harassment Charges

Our Director of Forensics, Dorothy Filippov, recently served as an expert on the Isiah Factor Uncensored on Fox26. To watch the full clip, click here. Dorothy was brought on to remark on the case of Heriberto Latigo, who was convicted on a federal stalking charge. Latigo’s former girlfriend testified that … Read More

Your Business Insurance May Not Cover Wire Fraud

With cyber attacks it is not a matter of if, but when you or your company will be targeted. In the event a cyber attack is successful, you could lose everything. The worst part is your insurance may not cover the attack, especially with cases involving wire transfer fraud and … Read More

Ransomware Is Not the End

This past month we’ve covered various elements of Business Email Compromise, specifically cases where hackers utilize BEC to commit wire transfer fraud. We’ve broken down various types of scams, as well as how to identify and hopefully avoid cyber attacks aimed at your business. But what if you take all … Read More

Fake Employees Will Rob Your Clients

Wire transfer fraud is a dangerous and difficult-to-counter scam that can take many forms. We’ve already covered several ways scammers commit this fraud, all centered around business email compromise. These scams utilize fake executive emails, vendor invoices, and fake law offices and lawyer emails. The final variety of wire transfer … Read More

Scammers Impersonate Lawyers

We’ve covered how wire transfer fraud scams are executed using fake executive emails and vendor invoices, but one of the most effective varieties remains to be covered. Scammers will impersonate lawyers to play on both the fear or trust people have for lawyers. This variety of scam is particularly relevant … Read More

Easy Ways to Identify Fraudulent Invoices

Our last article covered how vendor invoice fraud scams combine social engineering and hacking in order to trick large companies into unwittingly paying scammers. If you are worried your company has or currently is falling for one of these scams, this article is for you. We’ve provided a short list … Read More

The Danger of Fake Vendor Invoices

Wire transfer fraud is not limited to being committed using fake executive emails, which was detailed in our previous article. In fact, business email compromise does not even have to occur from a fake internal account. Scammers can pose as an existing or fake vendor in order to trick companies. … Read More

How Companies Fall Victim to Wire Transfer Fraud

Corporate security breaches have been all over the news lately with hundreds of millions of people at risk after failures from companies such as Yahoo and Equifax. With how established these companies are, the question becomes how they could have been breached. Wire transfer fraud is an incredibly simple, yet … Read More

Email Compromise Costs $131,902 Per Person

The Internet Crime Complaint Center says email compromise cost people and companies over $5.3 billion over the last three years.   If every person in Arlington, TX, lost $13,501, the total would come close to equivalent.   Arlington is a town of 392,772 people according to the latest census data. … Read More