IoT: The Investigator’s Goldmine

The world of IoT (Internet of Things) is growing at an exponential rate. Coffee machines, thermostats, AC vents, door locks…everything you touch has been or can be converted to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  This can make a digital investigation difficult because forensically imaging IoT devices, with their growing varieties and formats, … Read More

Social Engineering: First Salvo of a Hack

When most people think of computer hacking the natural inclination is to picture a socially awkward early twenty-something. He’s locked in his basement somewhere pecking away at a keyboard in the dark. While this assumption may have some basis in the truth, all too often modern hacking involves a much … Read More

Darknet, Bitcoin, and Murder for Hire

Stephen Allwine was found guilty 31 January, 2018 for the Darknet related murder of his wife and staging her death as a suicide. Traditional investigation may have been enough to ensure the delivery of a guilty verdict however the use of digital evidence played a very large roll in landing … Read More

French and German Leaders Call for G20 Crypto Regulations Talks

With various countries beginning to consider regulations on cryptocurrency, it comes as no surprise that senior officials from France and Germany are calling for the G20 group of nations to discuss cooperative actions on cryptocurrency at next month’s summit. The French finance minister Bruno Le Maire, German finance minister Peter … Read More

If You Think Cryptocurrency Is Safe, Think Again

A research paper submitted by Ernst & Young states that hackers stole about $400 million from 372 initial coin offerings over the last two years.  There are several alarming elements to this. For those unfamiliar with how widespread cryptocurrency has already become, it may come as shocking to learn there … Read More

UPS Potentially Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Soon

The most recent patent filing from UPS suggests they are looking at accepting bitcoin as payment for a new item-exchange locker service. The locker system would enable a user to lock an item within a compartment, which they can set up to open upon payment of a certain amount. This would … Read More

Missing Teen Recovered by McCann

McCann Investigations recently solved the case of missing teen Wilson Stratton. Wilson was last seen on January 19th, caught on camera at a Shell gas station at the corner of Willowick and San Felipe. While Wilson had impulsively left home before, every previous time he had quickly returned. This time … Read More

Traveling Abroad: Safe & Aware

Depending on the country being visited,  traveling abroad can be no more dangerous than the parking lot of Disney Land.   In some other countries significant security risks are present.    In many latin American countries kidnapping and extortion are the national past time. A good place to start is … Read More

Breaches In Health Data Off To A Bang

So far 15 health data breaches have been reported in 2018 to federal regulators.  This affects a combined total of almost 390,000 individuals. In spite of the numerous ransomware attacks grabbing headlines, very few show up on the federal tally.  Since investigations have determined that the attacks did not compromise patient’s personal … Read More

Meltdown and Spectre Threat Continues

The roller-coaster that is Meltdown and Spectre has been a unique ride, and doesn’t appear to over. But there is more to take away from this story than a prolific vulnerability. The security world stood in shock and awe early this year as news of Spectre and Meltdown began circulating.  … Read More