Yahoo Yet Again

Yahoo recently disclosed a new security breach on December 14, potentially affecting more than one billion accounts. The breach first began back in 2013 and is believed to be separate from the similarly massive cybersecurity incident Yahoo announced back in September. Data stolen may include user names, email addresses and … Read More

Solicitation of a Minor

One of our forensic expert Nick’s toughest cases to date involves the sexual abuse of a minor. It serves as a warning to parents to keep a close eye on the people your children associate with, as well as a lesson on how to preserve evidence in any form of … Read More

Self Sabotage

Cases involving estranged or divorced spouses are always delicate. The situation only escalates when one of the parties worries the other is spying on them to gain leverage. Our forensic expert Brett handled a case involving a client who was convinced their estranged spouse put spyware on their mobile devices. … Read More

January 2017 Edition

Welcome to this month’s edition of McCann Cyber Investigations: Insight Delivered. This month’s articles cover topics including a non political look into the facts and context for several election hacking storylines, as well as an overview on one of the most dangerous types of malware for you and your organization. Find those and … Read More

Do’s, Don’ts & Common Sense of Cyber Security

In the face of unrelenting reports detailing computer hacking and cybersecurity incidents, many allow the overwhelming nature of it all to lead to inaction.  Luckily, many solutions exist that can make your organization, computers and network more secure.  In order to de-mystify the realm of cybersecurity, we’re providing some basic … Read More

Payload Paranoia

Divorces rarely go smoothly. Whether a divorce is due to an unfaithful spouse or any other dramatic reason, trust issues are fairly common and defendable. Even mild paranoia is to be expected in cases when a spouse uncovers a terrible lie. However, paranoia that you have been hacked and someone … Read More

Closure on Clinton

The latest flare-up of the Clinton email scandal due to Anthony Weiner has settled and the presidential race is over. The question many ask now is whether the case is settled, or if this will remain in the spotlight for the foreseeable future. This article serves to answer that question … Read More

Adult Friend Found Out

This past October massive adult dating and entertainment company FriendFinder Networks was hacked, leaking more than 400 million personal accounts. Multiple companies under the FriendFinder Networks umbrella were breached, the largest being, which accounted for approximately 340 million of the hacked accounts. AdultFriendFinder is characterized by its tagline “Hookup, … Read More

A History of the Darknet

The Darknet remains a nebulous and concealed section of the Internet. As discussed in last month’s article, the Darknet hosts some of the greatest threats to your organization. Hackers that perform DDos attacks, employees who anonymously spread company secrets for sale, and many other cyber threats reside within the murky … Read More

December 2016 Edition

Welcome to the December edition of McCann Cyber Investigations: Insight Delivered. This month’s articles cover topics including a look at the digital forensics involved in the Clinton email scandal and a comprehensive historical overview of the mysterious Darknet. Find those and much more below… In the face of unrelenting reports detailing computer hacking and … Read More