Oilpro v. Rigzone – Hacking and Economic Espionage

Oilpro, a social media and networking site for the oil and gas industry recently announced it was shutting down. This shutdown comes after its founder, David Kent, pleaded guilty to computer fraud after hacking into rival site Rigzone. Kent accessed more than 500,000 resumes on Rigzone in order to boost … Read More

‘Smart Locks’ Compromised, Locking Airbnb Guests Out

‘Smart’ appliances were once considered the best thing in home efficiency and security. But with everything steadily becoming connected to the internet, waves of unanticipated complications have sprung up involving various ‘smart’ devices. The latest device impacted is internet-connected locks. In particular, the LockState 6000i became inoperable after the most … Read More

Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets?

Divorce is a challenging and difficult experience, and can bring out the worst in anyone. While you may hope for your divorce to go as smoothly as possible, you need to be prepared in case your spouse tries to get the upper hand and take away what you are entitled … Read More

Man Arrested for Distributing Ransomware and Aiding Tax Evasion

A 51-year-old man, Sergey Neverov, has been arrested in Ukraine under the charge of distributing infamous NotPetya ransomware. This virus became the subject of international headlines when it hit numerous businesses, organizations and banks across Europe. While Neverov is not the creator or main distributor of the virus, he is … Read More

12 Ways to Counter Computer Hacks Yourself

In today’s cyber world, anti-malware programs are rarely reliable. Hackers are able to adapt their malware quickly in order to get around any security program updates that would have stopped them. Luckily, protecting your computer is easier than before, with many computers allowing users to restore the systems to before … Read More

Election Voting Machines Found Highly Susceptible to Hacking

Modern political elections have evolved beyond mudslinging to slander an opponent. The elections of today hack voting machines and political groups for inflammatory secrets. Unfortunately, hacked voting machine accusations have become a regular feature in the news. While many are only alleged, hacking voting machines is more than plausible. At … Read More

Cars Found Permanently Stealing Personal Data

Modern cars utilize more than 60 computer systems to function, many of which are related to infotainment systems. These systems connect to users’ cellphones by Bluetooth and USB, and have been found collecting information with users’ knowledge. A wide array of personal information can be transmitted, including phone books, call … Read More

Former DOJ Prosecutor Comments on International Money Laundering Scandal

The Department of Justice recently an official statement regarding the case of the Russian national arrested in Greece for allegedly operating an international money laundering scheme. Former DOJ Prosecutor, and our General Counsel, Marc Miller, provided commentary on the development of this case: “As the federal government continues its push … Read More

Authorities Bait Darknet Criminals on Illegal Marketplace Sting

Global law enforcement recently announced they shut down two of the largest illegal marketplaces on the Darknet. AlphaBay and Hansa were both used to buy and sell drugs, fake IDs, stolen information, hacking tools, weapons, and much more. While AlphaBay was simply shut down, Hansa was used as bait to … Read More