Bitcoin Exchange Operator Arrested for Criminal Corroboration

A Russian man was recently detained by Greek police on charges of laundering more than $4 billion in bitcoin. He allegedly was aiding criminals involved in hacking attacks, tax fraud, and drug trafficking. 38 year old Alexander Vinnik has been indicted by a United States jury and is one of … Read More

New Hack Leaves Security Systems Vulnerable

The internet of things connects a variety of different appliances and devices. While the structures themselves may come from different vendors, they usually run overlapping code. Even though this aids connectivity, it also opens up the whole system to a flaw in one strand of code. A flaw just like … Read More

Man Admits to Stealing $40 Million After Caught Selling Stolen Laptops

A recent, seemingly small criminal investigation has grabbed national attention; when a man was confronted for selling stolen laptops, he confessed to a much larger crime. The man, Theodore Price, claims to have stolen over $40 million worth of Bitcoin. He claims to have written a malware program that replaced … Read More

Investigative Insight into IRS Bitcoin Probe

The Internal Revenue Service has recently revised summons requests issued to Coinbase, one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the United States. In December 6, 2016 the IRS issued a summons to Coinbase “requiring the records of all American Coinbase customers who conducted transactions in convertible digital currency between … Read More

Are You a Target for Ransomware Attacks?

Who is a target for ransomware attacks? Everyone. Any sized business in any industry, or any solitary individual is a potential victim of a cyber-attack. But the everyday person doesn’t think they’ll be attacked. The common response is “Well who would want my data?” Perhaps no one wants your data. … Read More

Small Businesses Struggle with Cyber Attacks

Maintaining proper cyber security habits is vital for small businesses. But the challenge of protecting oneself from cyber-attacks is daunting to businesses for a myriad of reasons. Users are often considered the weakest link in security, as so many people are often tricked into clicking malicious links and falling into … Read More

Fee Collectors Run Offense

Are ICOs an asset or security?  Investors and brokers want to know and Wall Street has petitioned the SEC to step in and regulate. Ouisa Capital, (aka Genesis Securities, aka Visionquest Securities) filed a petition with the SEC in March 2017 requesting a concept released as well as proposed rules … Read More

Common Cybersecurity Sense

You walk your dog every day. You brush your teeth. You avoid touching a heated stove. So why don’t you change your passwords? When it comes to cybersecurity, common sense still hasn’t become synonymous with common practice. Habits such as looking both ways before crossing the street will keep your … Read More

WannaCry Strikes Again

Over a month later, the ransomware is still able to infect lazily-managed systems like Honda manufacturing plants and the Traffic-Light systems in Australia. How did it get it to their network? No one is answering that question at Honda but they had to shut down for more than a day. … Read More