Going Dark: Challenges for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors

Image courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Former FBI Director, James Comey, stated “We increasingly find ourselves unable to… collect information being transmitted by terrorists, by criminals, by pedophiles, and by bad people of all sorts.” In the article entitled Going Dark, the FBI outlines two challenges law enforcement … Read More

Bitcoin: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency – The Video

This video provides information to help attorneys understand cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, and the underlying technology, the blockchain.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have recently been associated with different frauds, including drug dealing, money laundering, and extortion, but also provide a means for individuals to conceal assets, such as in divorce … Read More

May 2017 Edition

Welcome to this month’s release of McCann Cyber Investigations: Insight Delivered. Read below for the best in expert commentary on cyber issues such as modern hackers, legal cases, and much more. Conducting a risk assessment is critical for understanding and addressing vulnerabilities in a system, organization, or for individuals. A risk assessment … Read More

Eight Month Response Text

When your bitcoin exchange gets hacked and your bitcoins are stolen, there’s nothing you can do, right? Wrong.  The Bitfinex hack is the second largest exchange hack since the influx of cryptocurrency; second only to the infamous Mt. Gox. Mt. Gox suspended trading, shut down, and filed bankruptcy, which resulted … Read More

Bitfinex vs Wells Fargo

Bitfinex, the bitcoin exchange known for its unconventional hack response, filed suit against Wells Fargo.  The bank recently suspended all user accounts transacting in virtual currency, citing that the action caused imminent and irreparable harm; the suspension happened without any notification to the users.  According to the complaint, Bitfinex follows … Read More

Onshore Offshoring

Written By: Dorothy A. Filippov, MBA, CFE , MAFF At the Blockchain Summit in D.C. this past week, hosted by the Digital Chamber of Commerce, I had the opportunity to meet regulators, developers, and others interested in harnessing characteristics of the blockchain.  Among those were two men from a New York … Read More

Hackers Don’t Wear Hoods

Conducting a risk assessment is critical for understanding and addressing vulnerabilities in a system, organization, or for individuals. A risk assessment conducted today must address the risk of cyber crime, which includes a wide variety of attack types as well as a variety of motives. This article addresses one component … Read More

April 2017 Tor Edition

Welcome to the Tor Special Edition of McCann Cyber Investigations: Insight Delivered. The articles below detail the anonymous network, including an overview of its history, an explanation of the network’s privacy capabilities, and much more. Tor, the onion router, was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Lab and DARPA; version 2 … Read More

Tor: The Green Tops

The future of Tor largely depends on the community; as the number of nodes on the Tor network increases, the security for the entire network increases.  The project site lists a call to action that requests users to consider running a node or volunteering as a developer. There are three kinds … Read More

Tor: The Bulb

To better understand Tor, it is useful to understand how internet traffic is processed. The following image depicts normal internet traffic, without any protections.  When a person accesses a website, that person’s computer sends packets of information to the website that contain information like who the person is, where the … Read More