December 2016 Edition

Welcome to the December edition of McCann Cyber Investigations: Insight Delivered. This month’s articles cover topics including a look at the digital forensics involved in the Clinton email scandal and a comprehensive historical overview of the mysterious Darknet. Find those and much more below… In the face of unrelenting reports detailing computer hacking and … Read More

A Case for Whole Disk Encryption

Houston faces its fair share of crime, both in the physical and cyber realms. The city recently faced a rash of vehicle burglaries in one of the many popular areas of town. According to reports, over 100 vehicles were broken into, with the common thread of any electronic devices left … Read More

Shining Light on the Darknet

The greatest threats to your organization or business likely lurk on the Darknet. Hackers that perform DDos attacks, employees who anonymously spread company secrets for sale, and many other cyber threats reside within the murky depths of the Darknet. But what exactly is the Darknet? The network plays host to … Read More

The Threat of Vapor Goods Scams

Your company or organization, whether large and small, likely remains vulnerable to internal corruption. Our forensic experts deal with corruption and scam cases frequently, usually with the task of producing the necessary evidence for the company to take action. This was the exact situation one of our forensic experts, Nick, … Read More

Cyber Insurance Basics

Today’s media overflows with constant reporting of computer hacking, compromised email accounts and other cyber incidents. For individuals, a computer or cyber incident represents an annoyance while for businesses it can be life-threatening. Does your organization or business have cyber-insurance? Sadly, many high-level executives can’t even answer the question with … Read More

Yahoo and the Law

The Yahoo email hack has been nothing short of disastrous. The whole case acts as a demonstration in what not to do, exposing the seriously flawed systems in place for dealing with hacks themselves and for protecting the actual users. While extensive reporting has gone into the ramifications of the … Read More

An Exclusive Look into the Anthony Weiner Scandal

Anthony Weiner: an ironic name befitting an iconic pervert. By now we’ve all been inundated with the articles and tabloids concerning his scandalous affairs, but his wrongdoing serves as a perfect cyber-criminal case study. Weiner’s latest scandal began in January when a 15-year-old girl engaged him in conversation over popular … Read More

November 2016 Edition

Welcome to this month’s edition of McCann Cyber Investigations: Insight Delivered. The articles within include our expert take on the latest Anthony Weiner scandal and behind the scenes looks into some of our forensic analysts’ most interesting cases. Find those and much more below… Houston faces its fair share of … Read More