The Danger of Fake Vendor Invoices

Wire transfer fraud is not limited to being committed using fake executive emails, which was detailed in our previous article. In fact, business email compromise does not even have to occur from a fake internal account. Scammers can pose as an existing or fake vendor in order to trick companies. … Read More

How Companies Fall Victim to Wire Transfer Fraud

Corporate security breaches have been all over the news lately with hundreds of millions of people at risk after failures from companies such as Yahoo and Equifax. With how established these companies are, the question becomes how they could have been breached. Wire transfer fraud is an incredibly simple, yet … Read More

Email Compromise Costs $131,902 Per Person

The Internet Crime Complaint Center says email compromise cost people and companies over $5.3 billion over the last three years.   If every person in Arlington, TX, lost $13,501, the total would come close to equivalent.   Arlington is a town of 392,772 people according to the latest census data. … Read More

Mobile Trading Apps Found Vulnerable to Hacking

Security vendor IOActive recently tested 21 of the most popular mobile trading applications and found that the majority of them exposed users to a range of security risks. These apps allow users to buy and sell stocks, fund accounts, keep track of equity and available buying power, and create alerts … Read More

Darknet Drug Dealer Caught Because of His Beard

Gal Vallerius, a 38-year-old Frenchman was arrested by United States authorities while travelling from France to the United States for the annual World Beard and Mustache Championships. Vallerius was suspected as the Darknet drug kingpin going by the name ‘OxyMonster’, which was used to sell drugs on an illegal marketplace … Read More

Your Smartphone Might Start Scanning Your Heart

Just in case you thought you read that wrong, yes, your beating heart could become a password. How? Now that researchers have begun implementing facial recognition systems in common tools such as smart phones, they are looking for even better ways to improve. A group of computer scientists at the … Read More

How to Attend One of Our Acclaimed Presentations

What do a federal prosecutor, financial analyst, and private investigator think about Bitcoin, the Silk Road, and ICOs? Our leading experts will be covering this and more in their upcoming presentation to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Seattle on September 28, 2017. We have presented internationally to various EO, law enforcement, … Read More

SEC Vulnerability May Be Responsible for Insider Trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission has been a leader and enforcer of cybersecurity requirements. However, even the SEC is vulnerable as they recently announced a 2016 data breach that might have given hackers access to private information that could easily have been used for illegal trading. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton … Read More

How Apple Is Changing the Security Game

With the announcement of the new iPhone X came a surprising new security feature: facial recognition. Introduced as Face ID, the new form of biometric authentication is far more secure than other facial recognition systems on the market as well as Apple’s own fingerprint identification Touch ID. Face ID is … Read More

Are Text Messages Community Property?

Does your spouse have the legal right to retrieve your text messages, emails or photographs for use during a divorce proceeding? Is your smartphone community property in the eyes of the law? If so, are all of the communications on that smartphone also community property and therefore fair game? The … Read More