Ransomware Attacks on SMBs Targeting IoT Devices

Ransomware attacks targeting IoT devices are expected to increase dramatically in the coming years, from around 10% of attacks to 30%. IoT devices are rapidly becoming a popular target due to their relative lack in security features. IoT devices currently usually only run a simple firewall or antivirus software. These … Read More

What the Media Hasn’t Told You About the Equifax Hack

If you’ve taken a look at the news in the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard about the disastrous hack of Equifax and the subsequent loss of personal and financial information of 143 million people.  As horrible as this is, there are other facts about this incident that aren’t receiving … Read More

Encrypted Messaging App Linked to Failed Turkish Coup

In July 2016 a portion of the Turkish military attempted a coup to destroy the government and remove President Erdogan from power. After the coup was countered, the Turkish government labeled Muhammed Fethullah Gülen as the leader of the attempted coup. The Turkish intelligence agency investigated the origins of the … Read More

Your Identity’s Value on the Darknet Will Surprise You

You probably consider your personal data to be worth an extreme amount; either very high or very low. But how much does an identity thief think you’re worth? About $10. Verified high-limit credit cards from the U.S., Japan, and South Korea are being sold on the Darknet from $10 to … Read More

Hackers’ Identities Vulnerable with Tor Flaw

Zerodium, a company that specializes in buying and reselling zero-day exploits announced it will pay up to $1,000,000 for any current zero-day exploits for Tor. Zero-day exploits are any weakness in a program that the manufacturer does not know about out. In essence, Zerodium is offering to buy knowledge of … Read More

Your Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse Can Easily Hire a Hacker

These days it seems like you can’t go anywhere online without hearing about another high profile hacking case or seeing another article promising the secrets to keeping your information safe. While these tips are certainly helpful, and you can read some of ours here, none of them seem to explain … Read More

Are Electronic Communications Community Property?

Marriage is a joining of two people, typically with the hopes of living a happy life with one another. But every so often the marriage does not goes as planned, leading one or both parties to ask for a divorce. With electronic messaging such a popular way to communicate in … Read More

Improve Your Digital Privacy: A Simple Guide

Nearly every week there seems to be a newsworthy data compromise. Normal means of messaging such as through texts, email, and social media sites are no longer the safest forms of communication. Businesses worried about proprietary information being stolen, or individuals passing along sensitive information should not have to worry … Read More

Click Bait as a Service

Click bait as a service (CBaaS) is a proprietary application built to accurately identify the location of a person who clicks on a specially-built link designed to return the latitude, longitude, IP address, and the date/time stamp. Location accuracy is dependent on the device used to click the baited link. … Read More

A Guide to Corporate Insurance Documentation

Houston will be recovering from Hurricane Harvey for years to come. Property, businesses, and lives have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey; Houstonians will rebuild. If you have been impacted, filing an insurance claim is one of the first steps to take. As fellow Houstonians, we want to help make … Read More