Blockchain Data Mining by Police



Cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, first came into the spotlight largely in part due to its relation with illegal drug transactions over the Darknet. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has revealed they are now tracking transactions on the blockchain made by illegal drug traffickers attempting to cover their trail through the use of cryptocurrency.

ICE’s deputy assistant director Greg Nevano announced in testimony to a Senate committee on Jan. 25 that the agency has noticed a dramatic uptick in the use of cryptocurrency to pay for drug trafficking. Without giving too much detail, Nevano divulged their strategy has been to monitor cryptocurrency exchanges in particular to identify any potential money laundering tied to drug trade.

ICE is allegedly developing tools to analyze cryptocurrency transactions in an attempt to discover the identities behind the transactions. They have also begun providing training nationally and internationally to cryptocurrency investigators to help tackle this issue.

These efforts by ICE, if successful, would negate blockchain technology’s key feature of anonymity. While this would allow the government to track down massive darknet drug operations, it would also leave everyday users vulnerable to being tracked. If the technology to do this leaked, it would play back into criminal’s hands who could use it to identify civilians with large cryptocurrency holdings in order to target them in the physical world.

Based on ICE’s unwillingness to divulge too many details of this technology, it is highly unlikely they are anywhere near the means to pull this operation off. Blockchain technology is developing at an exponential rate, and its libertarian roots motivate developers to defy government intervention such as this. Should ICE find a crack in current blockchain technology, by the time they could implement it, the version would likely already be irrelevant.

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