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A Proven Threat, a Trusted Solution

  • A Cyber Security Assessment is essential as all business are facing a far higher level of risk than ever before. Gathering proof of the wrongdoing requires a wide-range of skills and McCann offers unparalleled expertise on technology driven legal and investigative matters.
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A Proven Threat, a Trusted Solution

Cyber Security Assessment Specialists

Specialising in Cyber Security Assessment, McCann Cyber helps business solve cyber-security issues and protect their critical data and infrastructure daily. We developed our cyber operations during the mass adoption of electronic devices and digitally stored information, and continue to lead the cyber-security industry through every evolution of technology such as the development of mainframes, desktops and laptops, and more recently mobile devices and cloud storage. Our expert team stays current on the latest technology, utilizing their decades of combined experience in public law enforcement and private security to tackle any case.

Cyber Security Threat Vulnerability

Cyber threats are everywhere. According to a study by Symantec in 2013, 61% of all cyber-attacks targeted small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Of those attacks, 30% of businesses were targeted by at least one spear-phishing email in the same year. The growing rate of cyber-attacks on SMBs is a digital pandemic, with a 7% increase (15% to 22%) in small organizations planning to raise their cyber-security budgets between 2013 and 2014. While cyber-security is only now garnering the attention it requires, McCann already has the experience to handle a wide variety of cyber cases.

No matter the type of digital device, whether it be a mobile device, desktop, or any other digital tool, any electronically stored information within requires the proper levels of security. McCann’s specialized professionals adapt cyber-security services to the needs of each client for their business or their home. Our experts deliver constant vigilance beyond what traditional IT staff offer by constantly monitoring cyber activities and anticipating and preventing potential threats before they strike.

Cyber Crime & Cyber Security Risks

Experienced Professionals in Various Cyber Domains

McCann experts are fully equipped to handle a variety of cyber matters including:

  • Cyber Intrusion/Detection
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Digital Forensic Investigations

No matter the preventative measures, hacking and other security breaches still occur. These digital events need to be investigated properly for all evidence to be discovered and admissible in court. McCann operates its own digital forensic lab run by fully licensed computer forensic investigators and technicians. Our facilities feature the equipment best suited to handle today’s forensic recovery and research requirements. Whether you require cyber-attack prevention, detection, or investigative help, our cyber security experts stand ready to help.

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Cyber Security Assessment

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