Cybercriminal Convicted on Harassment Charges


Our Director of Forensics, Dorothy Filippov, recently served as an expert on the Isiah Factor Uncensored on Fox26. To watch the full clip, click here.

Dorothy was brought on to remark on the case of Heriberto Latigo, who was convicted on a federal stalking charge. Latigo’s former girlfriend testified that he became increasingly controlling in their relationship, pressuring her to send him nude photographs. She alleged that later he raped her. When she found out she was pregnant, she decided to have an abortion.

Upon discovering this, Latigo set up a fake Facebook page for the aborted fetus. He posted on the page, pretending to be the fetus and sent her the link writing, “Your abortion video will now be posted you whore.” She then attempted suicide by trying to overdose on tranquilizers.

From March 2014 to April 2015, Latigo blackmailed her into more sexual acts under threat of releasing her nude photographs. She moved, changed jobs, and closed her Facebook account but he tracked her down and continued to harass her. Latigo was convicted and now faces five years in prison.

When asked what in these types of cases is considered a crime, Dorothy remarked, “In cases like this with cybercrime, cyberstalking, even email compromise, the victim here must document their evidence. You really have to take care to document and preserve your evidence for any of these crimes. When they’re occurring online by sending photos, threatening to send photos, even if you consented to those photos, it is a crime.

“The harassment such as setting up fake accounts, depending on how they use them, can also be a crime, that you can pursue in a criminal court, or a civil court. Documenting and preserving your evidence is critical. If you think it’s going to be used in court, then you may need to enlist the help of a professional, because they’re going to use industry standard procedures to gather that evidence.”

At McCann we are here to help. If you have been or are currently involved in a cyberstalking or cyber harassment case, call McCann Investigations at (800) 713-7670. We will provide a free consultation and outline the steps you need to take to gather and maintain the evidence you need to pursue litigation. We can also explain the critical use of an licensed investigator to perform the forensic investigation.


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