December 2016 Edition


Welcome to the December edition of McCann Cyber Investigations: Insight Delivered. This month’s articles cover topics including a look at the digital forensics involved in the Clinton email scandal and a comprehensive historical overview of the mysterious Darknet. Find those and much more below…

  • Do’s, Don’ts & Common Sense of Cyber Security

    In the face of unrelenting reports detailing computer hacking and cybersecurity incidents, many allow the overwhelming nature of it all to lead to inaction.  Luckily, many solutions exist that can make your organization, computers and network more secure.  In order to de-mystify the realm of cybersecurity, we’re providing some basic steps to take that will get you started in the right direction.  While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, making some progress will begin moving your organization in the right direction. We’ve detailed both what your organization should and should not do to best protect its assets. Do: Conduct training for all employees on cybersecurity, hacking and common internet scams.  Do ALL of your employees know what phishing is? Do ALL of your employees understand how to safeguard their login credentials?  Are ALL of your employees aware of being socially engineered?  Studies show that regular and consistent training truly helps. Install + READ MORE

  • Payload Paranoia

    Divorces rarely go smoothly. Whether a divorce is due to an unfaithful spouse or any other dramatic reason, trust issues are fairly common and defendable. Even mild paranoia is to be expected in cases when a spouse uncovers a terrible lie. However, paranoia that you have been hacked and someone is actively trying to ruin your life is typically a figment of the imagination. This scenario, however, is exactly what our forensic expert Nick Dearman recently encountered in one of his most interesting cases to date. Nick’s client is a high profile business person, so many of the specific details regarding the client and the case are generalized in order to protect the identity. At the time of the case the client was also dealing with divorce proceedings. The client started to notice strange things with his computer and internet service such as drastically decreased internet speeds, as well  business + READ MORE

  • Closure on Clinton

    The latest flare-up of the Clinton email scandal due to Anthony Weiner has settled and the presidential race is over. The question many ask now is whether the case is settled, or if this will remain in the spotlight for the foreseeable future. This article serves to answer that question with a look into the investigative and forensic sides of the case. This is not political commentary and should not be interpreted to support or reject any political party or position. The Clinton email scandal has remained in the headlines for much of the past two years. In March 2015 it came to light that Hillary Clinton used her family’s private email server for official communications during her time as the Secretary of State. The controversy of the case revolves around the legality of using a private server to transmit classified government information and other government related content for work. + READ MORE

  • Adult Friend Found Out

    This past October massive adult dating and entertainment company FriendFinder Networks was hacked, leaking more than 400 million personal accounts. Multiple companies under the FriendFinder Networks umbrella were breached, the largest being, which accounted for approximately 340 million of the hacked accounts. AdultFriendFinder is characterized by its tagline “Hookup, Find Sex or Meet Someone Hot Now”, demonstrating the sexual content that it and the other affected sites contain. This massive hack serves as a learning opportunity for other large companies and organizations of any industry, individual professionals and even lawmakers. AdultFriendFinder has remained relatively quiet in terms of how their information was breached, preventing us from addressing how to repel the specific type of attack they fell prey to. However, there are some general best practices you and your company or organization can adopt to deter hackers, no matter how they decide to attack. One of the best strategies + READ MORE

  • A History of the Darknet

    The Darknet remains a nebulous and concealed section of the Internet. As discussed in last month’s article, the Darknet hosts some of the greatest threats to your organization. Hackers that perform DDos attacks, employees who anonymously spread company secrets for sale, and many other cyber threats reside within the murky depths of the Darknet. However, it also hosts more mundane and legal communities that reflect its respectable origins. The Darknet first developed in tandem with the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), which eventually developed into the modern Internet. The ARPANET, originally developed in 1969, was funded by the United States Department of Defense and formed the first network for transmitting electronic information. The Darknet first came to life as networks isolated from ARPANET for security purposes and were able to receive data from the network without leaving traces behind in the network. The Darknet remained exclusive and inaccessible to + READ MORE


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