Election Voting Machines Found Highly Susceptible to Hacking


Modern political elections have evolved beyond mudslinging to slander an opponent. The elections of today hack voting machines and political groups for inflammatory secrets. Unfortunately, hacked voting machine accusations have become a regular feature in the news. While many are only alleged, hacking voting machines is more than plausible.

At a Def Con cybersecurity conference held in Las Vegas, the organization set up a “Voting Machine Village” event where attendees could try hacking into various computer systems to catch vulnerabilities. This included 30 different pieces of voting equipment used in American elections. The attendees took less than 90 minutes to compromise the voting machines. Multiple of the most popular machines, collectively used by the majority of states in the past election, were found to have glaring security issues, one of which enabled hackers to take complete control of the polling system.

Hacking of voting machines in the past election has yet to be officially proven, but the story is more than plausible. Remember to keep your most sensitive data offline and secure so that in the event of major hacks, you are as protected as possible. To read the original article, click here.

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