Former DOJ Prosecutor Comments on International Money Laundering Scandal


The Department of Justice recently an official statement regarding the case of the Russian national arrested in Greece for allegedly operating an international money laundering scheme. Former DOJ Prosecutor, and our General Counsel, Marc Miller, provided commentary on the development of this case:

“As the federal government continues its push into prosecuting crime and fraud in the cryptocurrency world, one can view this development as the continuing legitimization of alternate currency. Interesting details will hopefully become available as the case progresses and more investigative facts are made public. In particular, it will be informative to learn how the government identified and made the case against the Russian cyber-criminal. Was forensic analysis done in regards to the bitcoin blockchain or was it a more traditional investigative technique? As a past participant who handled international cyber investigations, I would surmise that it’s likely the defendant made mistakes and became more visible to authorities as he attempted to move cryptocurrency into other forms of currency. Just as in classic crime schemes involving money, the age old weak point often occurs when the target attempts to actually utilize their ill-gotten gains. And although the defendant clearly possesses incredible technical savvy, he simply failed to stay in Russia with whom the U.S. does not have an extradition treaty leading to his arrest in Greece – yet another sign that traditional investigative techniques were utilized to locate and arrest the target.”

To read the official DOJ statement, click here.


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