McCann Cyber offers clear solutions and guidance for today’s complex technological challenges. You may need a cyber-security assessment to protect your organization from constantly evolving cyber threats. Whether you’re faced with the need for an expert IP theft investigation, a non-compete investigation, a human resources matter or the need for computer and mobile forensics, McCann Cyber stands ready to help.

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“When you need expert technology assistance for your organization in sensitive and complex matters, who do you call? The IT department, investigators, attorneys? McCann Cyber – a Division of McCann Investigations – combines seasoned investigators & analysts with unparalleled legal oversight and guidance. The McCann Cyber team is led by Marc Miller who has served in several prestigious positions in both the public and private sector involving the intersection of technology and law. Read more about our leadership team here. In today’s complex and interconnected business world, critical vulnerabilities often span disciplines that vex most organizations. At McCann, we handle business and personal matters involving both civil and criminal remedies using a practical approach supported by extensive technical knowledge when necessary. We know how the discussion goes whether it’s with high-level executives, law enforcement or insurance adjusters. You may have never faced the problem before, but we have. We know how the conversations starts – let us help you.

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01 Cyber Security Assessment

Audit, Assess, Improve

In today’s business climate, securing your company data, confidential information, trade secrets and email correspondence is paramount. Shareholders, customers, clients and even employees expect your business to adequately protect vital information and their privacy. Taking a wait and see approach may end in disaster. To protect your organization and maintain privacy, McCann Cyber can audit your organization to determine what cyber security risks are present. McCann offers professional network and device review along with a discussion regarding appropriate policies and procedures. Find out if any of your devices or network are infected with malware. Conduct penetration testing to better understand your network vulnerabilities. Consult with the experts to determine how to improve your cyber security and privacy.

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02 Digital Forensics

Computer, Mobile Device & Network Forensics Experts

Today’s interconnected and mobile world presents unique challenges when the time comes to collect evidence. Through McCann computer and mobile forensics, we can recover critical information from computers, tablets and mobile devices. In the hands of our certified forensics examiners, computers and mobile devices can provide significant evidence – often recovering deleted emails, text messages and documents. Our computer forensics examiners are also trained online investigators who can…

Digital Forensics

03 Litigation Support

Trusted Advisors for Digital Forensics, Hacking & Data Theft

Do you need a trusted advisor on the critical issues associated with cases involving digital forensics, hacking and data theft? Gathering proof of the wrongdoing requires a wide-range of skills. McCann offers unparalleled
expertise on technology driven legal and investigative matters. Our litigation support team is led by Marc Miller who worked on hi-tech legal issues in Hollywood and the video game industry after a career as federal cyber-crime prosecutor. Mr. Miller and the McCann team can help with a variety of cases, including IP Theft, network intrusions, data breach and any case in need of computer or mobile forensics. If you need proper incident response and handling, digital forensics, a review of possible civil and criminal remedies, an expert view of the obtained evidence with investigative insight or simply an expert opinion on matters related to computer crime or intellectual property theft, call us today for a free consultation. We’ll help you find and document that pivotal piece of digital evidence whether it’s a deleted email or a downloaded document.

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04 Financial Forensics & Fraud

Computer, Mobile Device & Network Forensics Experts

Any business or organization is a potential victim to financial fraud. With the rapid evolution of technology, financial fraud has largely taken to the digital realm, and the analysis of physical books and records are rarely a part of today’s financial analysis. In addition to traditional fraud investigations and financial forensic engagements, the McCann team has particular digital-based skill sets in data analytics, digital forensics, financial forensics, fraud investigations, and cyber security risk assessments, in order to handle anything your fraud case entails.

Financial Forensics

CASE Types

Extensive Non-Compete Investigation Capabilities

Gathering proof of the wrongdoing requires a wide-range of skills. Why? The evidence may be traditional or digital. You may need an undercover operation or a delicate conversation. At McCann we understand that employees violate Non-compete and Non-disclosure agreements in a variety of ways – sometimes complex, sometimes straight forward. We’ve solved these problems before and we can help protect your business.


At McCann, we’ve handled a wide-variety of cases over the years, although our practice focuses heavily on cyber and tech-centric cases now. We understand that employees violate Non-compete and Non-disclosure agreements in a multitude of ways – sometimes complex, sometimes straight forward.

Non-Compete Investigation


You’ve worked hard to build your brand. You’ve secured critical intellectual property to protect your business by obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights. When another party misappropriates or infringes your rights, you should act swiftly to protect yourself and your business. McCann Cyber has extensive experience with intellectual property investigations and understands how best to assist you.

IP Theft Investigation


Cyber extortion can take many forms from threats communicated through email to extortion based on content shared in a online relationship. Many businesses find themselves the victim of fraudulent behavior initiated through the company email.

Cyber Extortion

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McCann has been a highly valued investigative partner to us for many years. They go beyond the call to provide quality information and executive protection services for us. I can always count on McCann. Rick Fisher, Global Security Director, CB&I (NYSE: CBI)