Missing Teen Recovered by McCann


McCann Investigations recently solved the case of missing teen Wilson Stratton. Wilson was last seen on January 19th, caught on camera at a Shell gas station at the corner of Willowick and San Felipe. While Wilson had impulsively left home before, every previous time he had quickly returned. This time Wilson left at night while his father was away, without taking a cellphone, clothing, or extra money.

Wilson’s father did not immediately contact the authorities about Wilson being missing, as he feared he may have been kidnapped. Wilson is the grandson of former U.S. Ambassador William Stamps Farrish III, making kidnap extortion a very real possibility in the family’s view. After a few days without signs of a kidnapping, such as a demand for ransom, Mr. Stratton contacted McCann Investigations to help find his son.

With Wilson going missing many days before the true investigation began, leads were scarce. One important aspect of the investigation was the establishment of a tip line, and creation of a heat map for all sightings of the missing person. Several of the tips called in pointed investigators to thinking Wilson was in an area near his school. Upon interviewing employees at local establishments in the area, it initially appeared as though Wilson had stayed in that area the whole time.

Using a mixture of digital and traditional investigative techniques, the experts at McCann Global Investigations were able to piece together a map of Wilson’s alleged sightings to deduce trends in his behavior. Our lead investigator noticed the trend that Wilson was frequenting a particular location in the evenings. Sure enough, Wilson appeared in the same location once more and our lead investigator on the case was able to recover him.

Besides a few scratches on his face, Wilson is safe and back with his loving family. We would like to thank Texas Equusearch and the Houston Police Department for their cooperation and help with the investigation, and especially all those who called in with tips as to recent sightings of Wilson. Special recognition goes to Maya, featured below with our lead investigator, who helped identify the main area of Houston Wilson stayed in.

About McCann Investigations:

In today’s complex legal cases, evidence is rarely singularly digital or traditional, but begins in one realm and quickly cross over into the other. The days of an investigation involving merely taking statements and photocopying documents are all but things of the past. Modern evidence gathering requires the agility to go where the evidence leads, no matter the source.

This not only means overcoming the challenge of understanding the ever-evolving web of digital evidence, but owning the entire evidentiary space; The nexus of both the digital and the non-digital.

McCann Cyber runs the table in this space. We either have the digital or traditional expert you need on staff, or we know that expert…. personally. McCann operates its own dedicated state of the art digital forensics lab, staffed with certified technicians, supplemented with a former cyber prosecutor, veteran law enforcement investigators, government cybersecurity experts, and certified fraud examiners. McCann is the only turnkey solution for the gathering, processing, analyzing, and reporting all types of evidence, no matter the source. Our team, drawn from both government service and private industry, has the resources, knowledge, and experience to provide expert testimony ensuring the evidence is both relevant and defensible in all proceedings.

McCann Cyber IS that nexus.



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