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Non Compete Investigation –
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Non Compete Violations

McCann investigators have worked on hundreds of non-compete violation cases.  Gathering enough evidence supporting the non-compete violation is key in obtaining a temporary court injunction to halt the violators and begin recovery.  McCann utilizes its exceptional resources, assets and investigative tools to gather evidence and support the client’s case in these complex investigations.

Typical cases run along the same lines as a former employee attempting to start a new venture in violation of a non-compete agreement.  Proving the violation is the main concern of any case.  In most cases it is best to first obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO).  In order to do this, one must substantiate the claims that the former employee downloaded proprietary company information such as client lists, pricing information, trade secrets, designs, or plans.  The best practice in proving yours claims is to employ a licensed computer forensics examiner who can properly document the downloaded data.  McCann also employs other investigation skills for when a case requires more than digital work such as surveillance, undercover work, and detailed reporting that can be legally used in civil proceedings.

Intellectual Property Theft Investigation

Intellectual property theft is a common component of non-compete violations.  This issue is often muddled by the fact that owner of the intellectual property is a grey area.  The owner of an idea could range from the developer who first created it, to the company that provided the resources for the developer.

To counter-act this issue, employers need to have detailed non-compete agreements to ensure that any intellectual property developed within the company belongs to the company.  Intellectual property theft can occur internally, such as if a current or former employee downloads proprietary data.  They could sell the data to competitors or use it to help create their own competing business.

Intellectual property theft can cause significant damage to a business’s revenue and reputation.  To learn more about McCann’s non-compete violations cases, please click on the links below, or read McCann’s Case Study: Enforcing and Non-Compete Agreement.

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Non Compete Investigation

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