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Handling Bad – Inside a Cyber Era Private Investigative Firm

By Daniel Weiss, Private Investigator

You wake up and find out that you’re being targeted for blackmail by a “one night stand” you met online, that your child has been abducted by your ex-wife, or that your accountant has been embezzling from you. You don’t know how to solve such problems—or even where to begin. You might even be too embarrassed to seek help.

These are the calls Private Investigator Daniel Weiss receives. Handling Bad takes skill— skill that combines the classic methods of private investigation with modern, cutting-edge developments in digital forensics.  In Handling Bad, Weiss delves into the flourishing digital realm of cyber based criminal activity in order to provide examples of threats that may lurk closer to home than you think.

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Contacting Major Cloud Based Websites for Discovery Requests and to Remove Inaccurate Connect

By Daniel Weiss, Private Investigator

This guide was developed out of consistent requests of how to contact major cloud based services such as Facebook, GMAIL, and others for discovery requests. The major cloud based providers all have unique processes of requesting information and certain steps need to be taken for each.

This guide is designed to provide insight in this process. It is a free service of McCann Investigations.

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McCann’s Digital & Physical Privacy Guide: Comprehensive Overview All 50 States

By Daniel Weiss, Private Investigator

This guide  will identify and explain the legal regulations and implications of covert technical surveillance of private parties (eavesdropping) with regard to criminal and civil laws in each of the 50 states. This guide  will highlight the law at federal and state levels, and analyze the legal environment on a state-by-state basis, considering:

  • the current status of each state regarding eavesdropping legal provisions
  • the impact of such laws on individuals and organizations
  • specific descriptions of the types of physical and cyber eavesdropping
  • the implications of such illegal actions, both criminal and civil
  • the most relevant legal citations

Eavesdropping remains a complex legal and technological topic today with legal implications of eavesdropping ranging from human rights to economic or safety implications. Laws and statutes have been constantly challenged with technological advancement. However, amendments to the eavesdropping laws over the last two decades have attempted to address current technical surveillance capabilities, with various degrees of success.

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Handling Misconduct Allegations in Youth Sports

By Daniel Weiss, Private Investigator

Children’s sports organizations have made significant progress towards ensuring a safe, constructive medium for participants and staff, while emphasizing key values such as performance, discipline and motivation. Most National Governing Bodies have adopted safe sport policies aimed at protecting children and young adults from misconduct, as well as setting the framework for responding to incidents.

However, children’s sports environments are highly dynamic and sensitive, and often create a great psychological impact for children. Our investigative experience shows that this environment remains susceptible to generating serious and frequent misconduct towards child participants. As we all struggle for better, safer environments for our children, it is extremely important that efforts are made to understand, observe and react to any form of misconduct that may take place in sports organizations or similar circumstances.

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McCann’s Overview of Business Email Compromise (BEC) Investigations

By Daniel Weiss, Private Investigator

Business Email Compromise is one of the latest trends in digital scamming to hit the business world. This sophisticated scam specifically targets companies that work with foreign suppliers or that regularly perform wire transfer payments. The fraudulent parties compromise legitimate business e-mail accounts to conduct unauthorized transfers of funds or information. This is accomplished through social engineering or computer intrusion techniques. BEC is the fastest-growing type of spear phishing attack. Since January 2015, BEC has increased 270 percent. From 2013 to 2015, it cost global businesses more than $1.2 billion. This scam has been reported in all 50 states and 79 countries. If no attempts have been made to hit your company with this scam, it will likely happen soon.

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McCann’s Guide to IRS Security Regulations

By Daniel Weiss, Private Investigator

The corporate world has its innate ways of reacting to change, be it quick or slow, planned or accidental. A thick web of interdependent relationships is governing the global business world in such a way that no decision, event or strategy remains neutral to the ecosystem.  Global enterprises are taking executive protection seriously, and for good reasons. The interests of the company and its shareholders are directly tied to the well-being and security of top-level executives.

Protecting high-level executives is a key concern for major corporations, and seen as not only valid, but as a necessary business expense.  Companies motivate their protection efforts by either acknowledging the specific threats to their executives that arise as a consequence of their positions, or by acknowledging the business-oriented benefit of keeping them safe.

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