French and German Leaders Call for G20 Crypto Regulations Talks

With various countries beginning to consider regulations on cryptocurrency, it comes as no surprise that senior officials from France and Germany are calling for the G20 group of nations to discuss cooperative actions on cryptocurrency at next month’s summit. The French finance minister Bruno Le Maire, German finance minister Peter … Read More

If You Think Cryptocurrency Is Safe, Think Again

A research paper submitted by Ernst & Young states that hackers stole about $400 million from 372 initial coin offerings over the last two years.  There are several alarming elements to this. For those unfamiliar with how widespread cryptocurrency has already become, it may come as shocking to learn there … Read More

UPS Potentially Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Soon

The most recent patent filing from UPS suggests they are looking at accepting bitcoin as payment for a new item-exchange locker service. The locker system would enable a user to lock an item within a compartment, which they can set up to open upon payment of a certain amount. This would … Read More

Blockchain Data Mining by Police

Cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, first came into the spotlight largely in part due to its relation with illegal drug transactions over the Darknet. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has revealed they are now tracking transactions on the blockchain made by illegal drug traffickers attempting to cover their trail through … Read More

City Invests in Bitcoin Mining

While the rest of the world considers regulating cryptocurrency, another U.S. city has decided to embrace the revolutionary technology. Virginia Beach has granted $500,000 to help develop a bitcoin mine in the city. The Virginia Beach Development Authority recently revealed they were funding Because LLC, the company behind the bitcoin … Read More

ICO Warning: 10% of Proceeds Hacked

Ernst & Young conducted a study of 372 initial coin offerings put out in 2017 and tracked the ICO funding patterns.  Last year investors and coin fans pumped around $3.7 billion into ICOs, but EY found that around $400 million of that money ended up in the hands of hackers.   … Read More

BitConnect Exchange Shutting Down

BitConnect, the bot driven cryptocurrency lending and exchange platform, announced Thursday it is shutting down.  Visitors to their website were greeted with the announcement that cited three reasons for the shutdown: Continuous bad press (more on that below) Cease and Desist letters from the securities boards of both Texas and … Read More