Cryptocurrency: Why Lost or Stolen Coins Must Be Documented

As the rise of the popularity of cryptocurrency barrels toward a paradigm shift in the economy, some traditional issues, as it relates to crypto being an asset, begin to surface. This includes the implications of your responsibilities when that asset is stolen or otherwise lost and unrecoverable. In 2014, the … Read More

Hackers Turning Away from Bitcoin

Ransomware attackers have deviated slightly from requesting payment in Bitcoin to now more often requiring Monero and Ethereum.  Bitcoin, as of January 11, 2018, is going for roughly $14k per coin, while Ethereum and Monero going for roughly $1000 and $400, respectively. Recently there have been a few major ransomware … Read More

Oracle App Server Hack Allows Crypto Mining

Likely based on an exploit discovered by a Chinese researcher, a new distributed bitcoin mining hack is an ongoing worldwide problem. Back in December 2017, Chinese researcher, Lian Zhang, published a proof-of-concept exploit on unpatched Oracle Web application servers, that allows the installation of potentially malicious code. On January 7, … Read More

Bitcoin Usage Impacting Iranian Uprising?

Bitcoin and more privacy powerful cryptocurrencies are flexing their muscles during the current round of uprisings in Iran in what may become the first recorded political disruption where cryptocurrencies end up playing a major role. Among other stated reasons, many claim frustration with current economic conditions as one of the … Read More

China Bans ICO Fundraising

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are the IPO for crypto world. ICOs function like crowdfunding, allowing a firm to raise money from multiple sources for developing a cryptocurrency. ICOs of the past have been wrought with fraud. Groups have organized an ICO and pushed for funding, artificially driving up the value … Read More

Bitcoin: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency – The Video

This video provides information to help attorneys understand cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, and the underlying technology, the blockchain.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have recently been associated with different frauds, including drug dealing, money laundering, and extortion, but also provide a means for individuals to conceal assets, such as in divorce … Read More

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is poised to revolutionize modern monetary practices, allowing for a universal form of exchange. At some point in the past, a decentralized system of exchange was just a musing relegated to forums populated by a handful of cryptographers; then, in 2008, some messages appeared in a cryptography forum claiming … Read More