Data Breach Strikes Nissan Finance

Nissan Canada Finance recently began contacting 1.13 million current and former customers of a data breach that potentially led to the unauthorized access of personal information. The data breach includes customers of INFINITI Financial Services Canada. Nissan began notifying the potentially affected customers in mid-December 2017 after discovering the breach … Read More

Cryptocurrency: Why Lost or Stolen Coins Must Be Documented

As the rise of the popularity of cryptocurrency barrels toward a paradigm shift in the economy, some traditional issues, as it relates to crypto being an asset, begin to surface. This includes the implications of your responsibilities when that asset is stolen or otherwise lost and unrecoverable. In 2014, the … Read More

Hackers Turning Away from Bitcoin

Ransomware attackers have deviated slightly from requesting payment in Bitcoin to now more often requiring Monero and Ethereum.  Bitcoin, as of January 11, 2018, is going for roughly $14k per coin, while Ethereum and Monero going for roughly $1000 and $400, respectively. Recently there have been a few major ransomware … Read More

Tor: The Roots

Tor, the onion router, was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Lab and DARPA; version 2 was released to the public in 2004 after which the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit centered on defending digital privacy rights, began funding the developers to continue their work on Tor. Two years later, … Read More

Assessing the Cybercrime Epidemic

For several years now, the impact of cybercrime on our society has been rising within the public consciousness.  A decade or more ago, the only people concerned with cybercrime were certain specialists whose lives were directly impacted.  Over the last decade or so, we’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in smart … Read More

The Web of the Darknet

In past editions of this newsletter we have provided an overview of the Darknet and all it entails, as well as a deeper look into the anonymous network’s history. So what exactly can you find on the Darknet, and why does it matter to you and your organization? There’s a … Read More

Election Hacking – Indirect vs. Direct

Mainstream media coverage of the “hacking” of our recent presidential election remains focused on the sensational aspects surrounding the problem while providing little in the way of factual background.  Even stating that the election was “hacked” glosses over pivotal details and provides little usable insight to the average reader.  In … Read More

A History of the Darknet

The Darknet remains a nebulous and concealed section of the Internet. As discussed in last month’s article, the Darknet hosts some of the greatest threats to your organization. Hackers that perform DDos attacks, employees who anonymously spread company secrets for sale, and many other cyber threats reside within the murky … Read More

Shining Light on the Darknet

The greatest threats to your organization or business likely lurk on the Darknet. Hackers that perform DDos attacks, employees who anonymously spread company secrets for sale, and many other cyber threats reside within the murky depths of the Darknet. But what exactly is the Darknet? The network plays host to … Read More