Deleted Is Not Really Deleted?

A commonly held adage in the field of digital forensics is that “Nothing is ever really deleted”.  A recent announcement by the Department of Justice regarding the missing Strzok/Page text messages completely supports that line of thinking.  In an article posted on the Fox News Channel website (Jake Gibson & … Read More

Closure on Clinton

The latest flare-up of the Clinton email scandal due to Anthony Weiner has settled and the presidential race is over. The question many ask now is whether the case is settled, or if this will remain in the spotlight for the foreseeable future. This article serves to answer that question … Read More

An Exclusive Look into the Anthony Weiner Scandal

Anthony Weiner: an ironic name befitting an iconic pervert. By now we’ve all been inundated with the articles and tabloids concerning his scandalous affairs, but his wrongdoing serves as a perfect cyber-criminal case study. Weiner’s latest scandal began in January when a 15-year-old girl engaged him in conversation over popular … Read More