Deleted Is Not Really Deleted?

A commonly held adage in the field of digital forensics is that “Nothing is ever really deleted”.  A recent announcement by the Department of Justice regarding the missing Strzok/Page text messages completely supports that line of thinking.  In an article posted on the Fox News Channel website (Jake Gibson & … Read More

Blockchain Data Mining by Police

Cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, first came into the spotlight largely in part due to its relation with illegal drug transactions over the Darknet. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has revealed they are now tracking transactions on the blockchain made by illegal drug traffickers attempting to cover their trail through … Read More

Tor: The Green Tops

The future of Tor largely depends on the community; as the number of nodes on the Tor network increases, the security for the entire network increases.  The project site lists a call to action that requests users to consider running a node or volunteering as a developer. There are three kinds … Read More

Tor: The Bulb

To better understand Tor, it is useful to understand how internet traffic is processed. The following image depicts normal internet traffic, without any protections.  When a person accesses a website, that person’s computer sends packets of information to the website that contain information like who the person is, where the … Read More

Tor: The Roots

Tor, the onion router, was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Lab and DARPA; version 2 was released to the public in 2004 after which the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit centered on defending digital privacy rights, began funding the developers to continue their work on Tor. Two years later, … Read More

Cybercrime Most Wanted

Cybercrime has undergone immense growth in recent years, making the almost complete lack of data regarding cybercrime trials and convictions unacceptable. Large agencies such as the Bureau of Prisons and the United States Sentencing Commission fail to include cybercrime in their reporting. The U.S. Justice Department offers a small statistic … Read More

Closure on Clinton

The latest flare-up of the Clinton email scandal due to Anthony Weiner has settled and the presidential race is over. The question many ask now is whether the case is settled, or if this will remain in the spotlight for the foreseeable future. This article serves to answer that question … Read More

A History of the Darknet

The Darknet remains a nebulous and concealed section of the Internet. As discussed in last month’s article, the Darknet hosts some of the greatest threats to your organization. Hackers that perform DDos attacks, employees who anonymously spread company secrets for sale, and many other cyber threats reside within the murky … Read More