Data Breach Strikes Nissan Finance

Nissan Canada Finance recently began contacting 1.13 million current and former customers of a data breach that potentially led to the unauthorized access of personal information. The data breach includes customers of INFINITI Financial Services Canada. Nissan began notifying the potentially affected customers in mid-December 2017 after discovering the breach … Read More

Mobile Apps Pose Dangers to Industrial Control Systems

Researchers from IoActive and Embedi released a white paper recently that outlined 147 vulnerabilities in 34 mobile applications used in tandem with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to compromise industrial network infrastructure. It allows them to compromise by allowing them to disrupt … Read More

Cryptocurrency: Why Lost or Stolen Coins Must Be Documented

As the rise of the popularity of cryptocurrency barrels toward a paradigm shift in the economy, some traditional issues, as it relates to crypto being an asset, begin to surface. This includes the implications of your responsibilities when that asset is stolen or otherwise lost and unrecoverable. In 2014, the … Read More

Hackers Turning Away from Bitcoin

Ransomware attackers have deviated slightly from requesting payment in Bitcoin to now more often requiring Monero and Ethereum.  Bitcoin, as of January 11, 2018, is going for roughly $14k per coin, while Ethereum and Monero going for roughly $1000 and $400, respectively. Recently there have been a few major ransomware … Read More

Access Control: Gateway for Hackers?

Access Control Systems are being targeted as entry points for hackers looking to steal sensitive data and security professionals need to recognize and respond to this emerging threat. Card based access control systems were developed to protect and monitor visitors from unauthorized access to secure buildings.  While now ubiquitous, card … Read More

Real Estate Transactions: A Hacker’s Paradise

Real estate transactions, by their very nature, are complicated and involve multiple parties. As both the complexity and number of involved parties increases, so does the opportunities for mistakes to be made. Increasingly over the last few years, hackers have taken notice of the complex nature of real estate transactions … Read More

WannaCry: Harbinger of New Threats

For the last several months, the entire world has been under attack by hackers. This statement isn’t new because the same statement was true a month ago… a year ago… a decade ago. The Internet went from a government controlled entity to public access status in the early 1990’s. It … Read More

Oracle App Server Hack Allows Crypto Mining

Likely based on an exploit discovered by a Chinese researcher, a new distributed bitcoin mining hack is an ongoing worldwide problem. Back in December 2017, Chinese researcher, Lian Zhang, published a proof-of-concept exploit on unpatched Oracle Web application servers, that allows the installation of potentially malicious code. On January 7, … Read More

DHS Data Breach of Biblical Proportions

The personally identifying information of 247, 167 current and former employees of the Department of Homeland Security was compromised in a data breach last year. DHS notified the current and former employees affected by letter in December 2017 and disclosed the breach in a public posting on January 3, 2018: … Read More

Town Files Insurance Claim for Reimbursement of Cyber Ransom

The village of Nashotah, Wisconsin suffered a ransomware attack in late November 2016 that left their computer files encrypted and inaccessible and is now attempting to be reimbursed for the costs associated with paying the ransom. Village President Richard Lartz told local media the cyber attack resulted in the compromise … Read More