Data Breach Strikes Nissan Finance

Nissan Canada Finance recently began contacting 1.13 million current and former customers of a data breach that potentially led to the unauthorized access of personal information. The data breach includes customers of INFINITI Financial Services Canada. Nissan began notifying the potentially affected customers in mid-December 2017 after discovering the breach … Read More

Encrypted Messaging App Linked to Failed Turkish Coup

In July 2016 a portion of the Turkish military attempted a coup to destroy the government and remove President Erdogan from power. After the coup was countered, the Turkish government labeled Muhammed Fethullah Gülen as the leader of the attempted coup. The Turkish intelligence agency investigated the origins of the … Read More

Improve Your Digital Privacy: A Simple Guide

Nearly every week there seems to be a newsworthy data compromise. Normal means of messaging such as through texts, email, and social media sites are no longer the safest forms of communication. Businesses worried about proprietary information being stolen, or individuals passing along sensitive information should not have to worry … Read More

Your Child’s Information is Potentially Being Stolen

Sarahah has quickly risen to the top of the App Store in multiple countries. The social media app allows for friends and strangers alike to send anonymous messages to a user. Sarahah’s largest fanbase is with teenagers. Touting its high level of privacy, the app has become popular both for … Read More

The EULA Myth

If you’ve ever used a computer and installed or upgraded a piece of software, you’ve encountered the EULA.  EULA is an acronym for End User License Agreement, and is the message from the creator of the application with end user license information. As helpful as these messages may be, no … Read More

Tor: The Green Tops

The future of Tor largely depends on the community; as the number of nodes on the Tor network increases, the security for the entire network increases.  The project site lists a call to action that requests users to consider running a node or volunteering as a developer. There are three kinds … Read More

Tor: The Bulb

To better understand Tor, it is useful to understand how internet traffic is processed. The following image depicts normal internet traffic, without any protections.  When a person accesses a website, that person’s computer sends packets of information to the website that contain information like who the person is, where the … Read More

Tor: The Roots

Tor, the onion router, was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Lab and DARPA; version 2 was released to the public in 2004 after which the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit centered on defending digital privacy rights, began funding the developers to continue their work on Tor. Two years later, … Read More