Social Engineering: First Salvo of a Hack

When most people think of computer hacking the natural inclination is to picture a socially awkward early twenty-something. He’s locked in his basement somewhere pecking away at a keyboard in the dark. While this assumption may have some basis in the truth, all too often modern hacking involves a much … Read More

Real Estate Transactions: A Hacker’s Paradise

Real estate transactions, by their very nature, are complicated and involve multiple parties. As both the complexity and number of involved parties increases, so does the opportunities for mistakes to be made. Increasingly over the last few years, hackers have taken notice of the complex nature of real estate transactions … Read More

Tax Season: The Cyber Criminal’s Christmas

Given the nature of modern hacking, every day is a potential bountiful harvest of useful data. Increasingly though, hackers are realizing that tax season is the best time for their nefarious activities. According to the IRS, from the new year to tax filing day on April 15th, reports increase of … Read More