Cryptocurrency: Why Lost or Stolen Coins Must Be Documented

As the rise of the popularity of cryptocurrency barrels toward a paradigm shift in the economy, some traditional issues, as it relates to crypto being an asset, begin to surface. This includes the implications of your responsibilities when that asset is stolen or otherwise lost and unrecoverable. In 2014, the … Read More

WannaCry: Harbinger of New Threats

For the last several months, the entire world has been under attack by hackers. This statement isn’t new because the same statement was true a month ago… a year ago… a decade ago. The Internet went from a government controlled entity to public access status in the early 1990’s. It … Read More

Self Sabotage

Cases involving estranged or divorced spouses are always delicate. The situation only escalates when one of the parties worries the other is spying on them to gain leverage. Our forensic expert Brett handled a case involving a client who was convinced their estranged spouse put spyware on their mobile devices. … Read More

Do’s, Don’ts & Common Sense of Cyber Security

In the face of unrelenting reports detailing computer hacking and cybersecurity incidents, many allow the overwhelming nature of it all to lead to inaction.  Luckily, many solutions exist that can make your organization, computers and network more secure.  In order to de-mystify the realm of cybersecurity, we’re providing some basic … Read More

Payload Paranoia

Divorces rarely go smoothly. Whether a divorce is due to an unfaithful spouse or any other dramatic reason, trust issues are fairly common and defendable. Even mild paranoia is to be expected in cases when a spouse uncovers a terrible lie. However, paranoia that you have been hacked and someone … Read More