Traveling Abroad: Safe & Aware


Depending on the country being visited,  traveling abroad can be no more dangerous than the parking lot of Disney Land.   In some other countries significant security risks are present.   

In many latin American countries kidnapping and extortion are the national past time.

A good place to start is a check of the State Department warnings for Americans traveling to the country you need to visit.   These warning are thorough and are a source of good information.

Medical travel insurance is an option many travelers are unaware of.   I can speak from experience this is a good idea.  The policy should include evacuation coverage in case you have a medical emergency and need to be air lifted home.

Discrete and aware are terms most people are familiar with but often forget in real live security applications.

Be discrete.  When traveling abroad it would be a good idea to leave your Rolex President and your Super Bowl ring at home.  Even amateur criminals pick up on “bling” and identify their next target.  You do not want to stand out in the crowd.    Even petty thieves, like pick pockets, identify their target before they attempt their move.

Do not discuss your reason for being in a foreign country with anyone other than those who need to know.   This includes the cab driver and your new friend at the hotel bar.   

Basically, keep a low profile. Be aware.   Situational awareness is something you need to be practiced at whether at home or abroad.  We are all familiar with the term, but few actually practice it.

Be aware of your surroundings.   Notice people that don’t “look right.”   When overseas take time to notice if anyone is following you.  When in crowded areas take time to look for the best avenues of egress in case you need to leave quickly.

Alcohol exacerbates the problem.  When drinking we become more trusting of our surroundings.  Most of us like to have a drink or two, just remain aware when doing so.

If the situation just does not “feel” right, leave.

There are some countries so unsafe armed body guards should be used.  This service is not cheap but many times necessary.

The result of not being situational aware can be harsh.   Most will live their entire lives and never be the victim of a violent crime.   For the unlucky others it will be life changing assuming they survive.

About McCann Investigations:

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This not only means overcoming the challenge of understanding the ever-evolving web of digital evidence, but owning the entire evidentiary space; The nexus of both the digital and the non-digital.

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