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Bitcoin: An Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Presented by Dorothy A. Flippov MBA, CFE, MAFF, LPI

Bitcoin’s status as a currency and its recognition in the marketplace as an accepted form of payment places it at the forefront of the cryptocurrency discussion. This presentation is designed to provide an overview of bitcoin, its current uses, and its implications in civil and criminal disputes. It informs attorneys about cryptocurrency, its use in fraud, its use in exchange, and its use as a store of value for assets. In addition, the presentation explores the implications bitcoin’s use has in discovery requests, asset tracing, and fraud.

The Darknet: A Guided Tour

Daniel Weiss, Managing Partner at McCann Global Investigations

This presentation is a review of the Darknet, the often misunderstood and impactful cousin of what is often called the “Clearnet” or “Topnet”, which is the Internet that we all search daily via our favorite search tool like Google or a browser like Internet Explorer. The Darknet is not visible with these standard tools; you need a specialized browser called TOR. In this presentation we explore TOR and the communities visible using TOR, both for legal and illegal intent. It is a review of how the Darknet has changed everything from whistleblowers and encrypted private communication to the purchase of illegal drugs, hacking services and human trafficking.

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