Wi-Fi Alliance Announces WPA3


The recent release of Wi-Fi security attack methods, known as KRACK and DEAUTH, have knocked the IT world off its laurels. One might even argue we have become complacent with our trust in WPA2. Well, as my Marine Corps Drill Instructor always said, “Complacency Kills!” While the WPA2 protocol attacks are largely low risk attack vectors, the message rings true all the same – “Encrypted Wi-Fi does not exclusively mean secure communication.”

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the international network of companies that maintain the “Wi-Fi” protocol standard, recently announced upgrades to the WPA2 encryption standard, as well as plans to release a third iteration of the Wi-Fi Protected Access security protocol. The changes are rather technical in nature, however, the new WPA3 standard will leverage 192-bit encryption and mitigate security issues introduced when weak Wi-Fi passwords are deployed.

What does this mean for you, the end user? Wi-Fi will become more difficult to brute force decrypt and setting up new Wi-Fi devices will become easier. The speed, reliability, and cost of equipment is unlikely to change.


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